About Scott Video

Voice acting has been a part of my life since I was a child. I began recording character voices when I was just 7-years old, using a small tape recorder, a sound effects record and a handheld microphone. From then to now, my love for voiceovers has never ceased.

I began working in VO as a teenager, traveling to studios in my area to voice TV and radio commercials, animated characters and corporate videos. One of my first commercial campaigns called for me to mimic comedian John Belushi in a takeoff of one of his Saturday Night Live routines that most remember as the “But No!” bit. In those days, there was no digital audio editing, so it took many takes to fit those commercials into 60-seconds. I remember coming out of the studio drenched in sweat after a 1 to 2-hour recording session. At the time, I was still a kid, going to the local college. One day, I overheard a group of students on campus talking about the “But No!” commercials, and they were talking about it like it was the hottest new sitcom. At that point, I was really hooked. And the rest is history.

Now I continue to do voiceovers and character voices for TV and radio, corporate, explainer/web, video games, podcasts, audio books, message-on-hold and the voice of Santa Claus for animations, websites, apps, phone services and more. Check out my Santa YouTube channel.

Much of my voiceover work is international, and can be heard in projects for Domino’s (as Pete the Pizza Maker), Bacardi, HP, Gourmet Delight (Australia), Harley Davidson, Bayer, Liberty University, Beltronics, Office Depot/Office Max, Banana Boat, Yards Brewing, Evoteq, Wells Fargo, Procter & Gamble, Symantec, Novartis, PepsiCo, Sears, Minolta, Segway, Silk, Clorox, Gillette, Intel, Nielsen, Wartsila, Staples, Expedia, eBay, 9five Eyewear, Walmart, Klipsch Speakers, Johns Hopkins University, Carlisle SynTec, Sygic GPS Navigation, Family Life Ministries, Focus Specs, IEEE, PlaniGroupo, Naveh Pharma, Lowe’s, Broil King, Hotel Basic Line Chiang Mai, multiple voices in 8D World’s “Wiz World” in China. S2 Games’ “Heroes of Newerth,” House of Fun games, Konami, BigFish, NevoSoft and Oberon Media. Over 30 audio books for Speaking-Volumes.com and ACX. The Voice of Santa Claus in many “Call Santa” services, iPhone apps, E-Greeting Cards and websites.

My goal is to always leave my client wanting for more — just like those college kids all of those years ago.

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